My name is George Thomas Hook .


The Hook family have been associated with the Mother of Pearl trade since 1824.

The original factory was situated in the Hockley area of Birmingham and was one of many companies years ago that worked with Mother of Pearl.Most of the trade in those days was button making and this was how our family business came about.

Over the years buttons were to become only part of the range of items that were to be produced. The arrival of shells from Australia started a trade of Mother of Pearl workers, and not just button makers. The Hook family soon realized that there was more outlets to be reached with the working of the shell than with just buttons. Buttons still played an important part in the business but now they where hand made and not mass produced like the majority of the trade. Handles for cutlery and side handles for revolvers where produced from the large shells along with item for jewellery and inlays for furniture.

With the introduction of plastic buttons into the market place sadly a lot of the Pearl button factories closed down. My little business is now the last of the Birmingham Pearl button trade. I still produce my own items although working on my own, limits the amount of work I make. I have put a few items on the following pages of what I do. I give talks about the trade to interested groups and also have open days at the factory.      Please get in touch if you need further information.                              Thank you for looking.                                            George Thomas Hook


                                               GEORGE PATRICK HOOK  

                                                      1905 - 2001